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AUTO -VOX Wireless Backup Camera With IP 68 Waterproof LED Super Night Vision

Best Rearview Camera With HD Rearview Mirror Monitor.AUTO -VOX is a well-known producer of automotive accessories for over ten years, and they are best recognized for their car audio systems. The AUTO -VOX Wireless Backup Camera is one of the high –quality backup camera systems from the AUTO -VOX manufacturers. The AUTO -VOX is a wireless backup camera with a full field of view and interference shielding. It is waterproof and comes with a 4.3 -inches TFT-LCD Monitor Display. It offers you the ability to see what is sneaking behind your vehicle. With this backup camera, be assured that you will not strain your neck again when reversing your vehicle. The AUTO –VOX backup camera has a built-in Infrared Sensor vision designed for night time which enables you to see what is surrounding you even during the night. Features of AUTO -VOX Backup Camera Automatic system switching The AUTO -VOX backup camera has the capability to switch on automatically between front display and rear view display wherever the transmission of your vehicle is placed in reverse. The TFT-LCD monitor screen starts automatically and coincidently shows the video right from the rearview camera when you are in reverse. Then, the LCD screen closes itself once you finish driving in reverse, and the front camera buzzes in.Wireless design The AUTO -VOX backup camera features a wireless design which makes it easy for DIY installation. The image signal on the rearview mirror camera is transmitted wirelessly. You don’t have to run a video cable below your vehicle. However, you will require implementing a power source for both the transmitter and the camera at the rear of your vehicle.Here is how you can install your typical wireless rearview camera. First, you should check the User Manual that came with the camera and then follow the following steps. Also, make sure you turn your car off,disconnect the vehicle battery and refer the instruction manual to ensure you do not drill into any wires.

  1. Note that the camera mounts on the outside of your car. All you need to do is install the mirror over the existing rearview mirror with the adjustable mount straps and the power. You also need to include the cigarette lighter plug.
  2. Install the AUTO -VOX backup camera to the existing license plate of your vehicle. You will have to use a drill to make a small hole behind the license plate into the trunk of your car. Then, attach to the wireless transmitter.
  3. To power the transmitter, you have to locate circuit of the reverse light and verify the wires with a testprobe. Attach the red wire of antenna to the reverse light and the black wire to whichever metal ground screw. This way, the camera and the monitor will power on once you place your car in reverse.You can now adjust the camera to the angle your desire, and you are ready to go. If you are not sure of the safety of your installation, check with a professional mechanic.Stable signal transmission One of the challenges that some wireless rearview cameras face is interference. Some of the obstacles thatcan lead to obstruction include surrounding Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth devices, home security systems,microwaves, and cordless home phones. Most of the rearview cameras tend to broadcast at a frequency of 2.4 Gigahertz. The 2.4GHz frequency is also used by a range of everyday electronics like Bluetooth devices as well as Wi-Fi networks. Once there is interference in your signal, it results in degradation of picture quality.It can reach a point where the signal is unusable at intervals.The AUTO -VOX rearview camera has a stable signal transmission hence no interference with other wireless devices. It ensures stable and high definition pictures with an acceptance range of around 100 meters in open areas. This AUTO -VOX backup camera is mostly suitable for cars, camping cars, vans, trucks as well as RVs.Note that rearview cameras like AUTO -VOX backup camera tend to use the digital signal. They are,therefore, less vulnerable to interference.Weather resistant camera When it comes to weather, a camera that is mounted on the exterior of your vehicle will it be subjected to water and variety of elements such as the grime, snow, ice, dust, detergents, oil, and high-pressure car washes. Exterior connectors and cables are also unprotected to these elements just like the camera. When the camera and the connectors are exposed to the elements and not rated for outdoor applications, then their lifespan tends to be very short.The AUTO -VOX rearview camera has a durable design and is waterproof to a rating of IP68 and can even operate in temperature(s) as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. It can withstand hostile weather elements such as ice. This backup camera enables you to drive at ease even when it is raining heavily. If you live in a region with frigid temperatures, the AUTO -VOX backup camera is a perfect choice.Infrared night vision Most of the rearview backup cameras are equipped with infrared night vision which produces high –quality images of what is around you even in total darkness. When looking for wireless rearview backup cameras, it’s wise to check whether they are equipped with night vision. The level of night vision bears on the quality of pictures produced by the camera. The color systems of AUTO -VOX backup camera tend to produce monochromatic images, especially during the evening since the infrared LEDS does not yield colors which are visible to human eye. The LEDS operate at a light frequency which is well beyond your capability to see.Nevertheless, the CMOS image sensor of this backup camera manages to discover this light.The AUTO -VOX backup camera features six high brightness infrared LEDs night vision. The High Brightness Infrared LEDs of this backup camera automatically switches on/off whenever the environment light lowers up to a certain level that is too small for the CMOS image sensor to produce high -quality images. The Digital HD image processor of this backup cameras offers you with a superior night vision, and you will not have to strain your neck even when in the dark.Monitor Most of the modern monitors are LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display), but you may still come across some CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors. Almost all modern color rearview camera systems use LCD kind screen. The most common sizes of the LCD screens are 5 inches, 7 inches, 9 inches and 10 inches when measured diagonal. TFT-LCD monitors are the best monitors of all the available LCD type displays. So when you are purchasing a rearview camera system which uses LCD type display, it is wise to select the TFT-LCD type display. The kind of LCD monitor offers you best pictures under the extensive variety of illumination conditions you encounter when operating your car.This AUTO -VOX backup camera features a 4.3 -inches TFT-LCD monitor. This TFT-LCD display tends to adjust the screen brightness automatically. These means that there are no problems such as glaring or dazzling. With AUTO -VOX transmitter, you do not have to charge your display separately or charge it from the car battery. You only need to plug the vehicle charger into your car cigarette lighter.


  • Easy to install.
  • This camera provides clear images even in low light.
  • Waterproof.


  • Weak wireless signal.
  • Cable provided is too short.

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Does this backup camera has an online User Manual?

Yes, you can check on this link; https://1drv.ms/b/s!Atw6BKvOsvMfC16khwM-jYjrQQ

  1. Does this serve as a rearview mirror and as a backup camera display?

I mean, can you tell what the kids are undertaking in the backseat? Yes. It is an ordinary mirror. Once the camera is switched on, the picture appears in the mirror.

  1. How can I power on the transmitter?

Most people don’t recognize that the receiver is built in the mirror. So, when you want to power on the transmitter, just connect the cables with the backup camera appropriately and then connect the power cord to reverse light. It’ll automatically power on.

  1. Does it have a warranty?

All AUTO -VOX backup cameras come with a one-year limited warranty. Liquid or physical damage should either cause malfunctions. In case you experience any problems with the product, kindly contact servicegauto-vox.com, and you will get help.

  1. Where is the receiver and how can I power on the transmitter?

The receiver assembles in the mirror. To power at the antenna, attach the cables with the camera correctly and connect the power cord to the reverse light. Once you are in reverse, the transmitter will power on automatically.

Final Verdict

The AUTO -VOX backup camera is one of the best rearview cameras available in the market. This rearview camera offers you impressive features such as digital interference -proof signal and night vision. The AUTO -VOX rearview camera is a wireless camera and is the paramount option if you do not feel easy wiring the rearview camera every time you want to adjust. This backup camera comes with a one-year limited warranty that guarantees you that you return or replace the camera if it fails or breaks down within the first few months. In fact, I would recommend this backup camera for those people with vehicles which travel in harsh weather condition due to its durability.


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